Google Analytics Block for Pixie CMS

Google Analytics for Pixie CMS    Google Analytics for Pixie CMS

Want to add Google Analytics to your installation of Pixie CMS? This block should do the trick.


  1. Download (link below)
  2. Edit for your Google Analytics account (instructions in the file)
  3. Upload to your Server


On any page you would like tracked, click on google_analytics in the Page Block section.


Add the block on each page by clicking on "google_analytics"

Note: I understand that this is not ideal. This is a limitation of “blocks” in Pixie CMS. I will begin exploring a Plugin soon.

Google Analytics Block v1 — 9/7/2008

Note: There was a formatting error in the source code this morning. As of 1:24PM EST this has been resolved.

>>Download Google Analytics Block v1