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Readings should be read in advance of class on the day specified.

Date Topic Reading Assignments
Week 1
4/1 Introduction to the Course [PDF] Syllabus
  • What is Design? (Lecture) [PDF]
  • Design Jam Sketches (Group Presentations)
  • Daily Design Principal: “Storytelling” [PDF]
IDEO’s Deep Dive Video (25 min)

HCI Chapter 3 [PDF]

  • Handed Out: P0, Class Facebook
  • Due: Bring your group work from the Design Jam to class to share.
  • What is Design, Part II (Lecture) [PDF]
  • Establishing your groups and project problems
  • Daily Design Principal: “Ockham’s Razor” [PDF]
HCI Chapter 4 [PDF]
Week 2
  • Establishing your groups and project problem [PDF]
  • Daily Design Principal: “Development Cycle” [PDF]
Interaction Design, Ch. 6 [PDF]
DISCUSSION: Finalizing Groups and Project Problems
  • Project Pitches (Group Presentations)
  • Daily Design Principal: “Five Hat Racks” [PDF]
  • Group Presentations: Project Pitch
  • Due: P0
  • Slide deck [PDF]
  • Project Pitches (Group Presentations)
  • Sketching Feedback Break-out Groups
  • Daily Design Principal: “Symmetry” [PDF]
None (but will be covering Interaction Design, Ch. 6 [PDF])
  • Handed out: A1
  • Due: S1
Week 3
  • Design Process & Fundamentals of Interaction [PDF]
  • Daily Design Principal: “Hick’s Law” [PDF]
IDEO (2003) IDEO Method Cards: 51 Ways to Inspire Design. W. Stout Architectural Books, San Francisco. Look at the information online, and if you have an iOS device, you can download an app here:
DISCUSSION: Look, Learn, Ask, Try
  • User Research Overview
  • Daily Design Principal: “Not Invented Here” [PDF]
  • Handed out: A2
  • User Research Case Studies
  • Sketching Feedback (Breakout)
  • Daily Design Principal: “80/20 Rule” [PDF]
  • Grinter, R. E., Aoki, P. M., Hurst, A., Szymanski, M. H., Thornton, J. D. and A. Woodruff (2002) “Revisiting the Visit: Understanding How Technology Can Shape the Museum Visit” in Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2002). [PDF]
  • Huang, E. M., Truong, K. N. (2008) “Breaking the paradigm of disposable technology: Opportunities for sustainable interaction design for mobile phones.” Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008). Florence, Italy.  [PDF]
  • Due: S2, A1
Week 4
  • Contextual Design
  • Daily Design Principal: “Consistency” [PDF]
  • Beyer, H. and Holtzblatt, K. (1998) Chs. 1, 3, 4 & 6 in Contextual Design. San Francisco: Morgan Kauffman, pp. 1-26, 41-78, 89-123. [PDF]
DISCUSSION: Planning your User Research
  • Ethnography & Field Observations
  • Daily Design Principal: “Control” [PDF]
  • Blomberg, J. and Burrell, M. (2008) An ethnographic approach to design. In A. Sears and J.A. Jacko (eds.), The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications (2nd ed.). Hillsdale, NJ: Taylor and Francis, pp. 965-988 [PDF]
  • Sketching Feedback (Breakout)
  • Surveys & Interviews Q&A
  • Daily Design Principal: “Form Follows Function” [PDF]
  • Selections from Mail, Internet, and Mixed-Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method [PDF]
  • Chapters from The Ethnographic Interview (Spradley) [PDF]
  • Due: S3, A2
Week 5
  • Personas, Scenarios & Storyboarding [PDF]
  • Daily Design Principal: “Personas” [PDF]
DISCUSSION: Synthesizing User Research
Yiran out of town.
Remember: You will be meeting on your own. Class presentations on your user research will happen later on in the week. This is a good time to assess where you are at, see what still needs to be done, and to prepare your presentation. 
  • In class work time.
  • User Research Findings (Group Presentations)
  • Sketching Feedback (Breakout)
Group Presentations:

  • East Side Story
  • Digital Spectrum
  • Magic School Bus
  • Due: S4
  • Due: P1
Week 6
  • User Research Findings, Part 2 (Group Presentations)
  • Course Check-in
Group Presentations:

  • Mobilers
  • Lil’ Stress
  • MacroFirm
  • CatDog
DISCUSSION: Persona & Storyboard Workshop
  • User Research Findings, Part 3
Group Presentations:

  • Cool Ranch Tacos
  • Sparky
  • Confetti Cannon
  • Serious
  • Sketching Feedback (Breakout)
  • Daily Design Principal: “Flexibility-Usability Tradeoff” [PDF]
  • Handed out: A3
  • Due: S5
Week 7
  • Ideation & Prototyping [PDF]
  • Daily Design Principal: “Prototyping” [PDF]
  • We will discuss A3 here
DISCUSSION: Developing a prototyping plan
  • Group Project Time
  • Paper Prototyping Video — Download in three parts from EEE. Each part is around 10 minutes.
  • Evaluation [PDF]
  • Sketching Feedback (Breakout)
  • Daily Design Principal: “Recognition over Recall” [PDF]
 Readings for Evaluation Lectures (5/17 and 5/22)

  • Due: S6
Week 8
  • Group Project Time
  • Due: P2 (Physically turned in during class or discussion.)
DISCUSSION: Group Project Time
  • Analytical & Empirical Evaluation [PDF]
  • Daily Design Principal: “Errors” [PDF]
  •  Due: A3
  • Group Project Time
Week 9
5/27 Memorial Day, no class.
5/29 HCI in the Real World [PDF]
  • Sears, A. and Jacko, J. (2008) Future trends in human-computer interaction. The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook, A. Sears, J.A. Jacko (eds). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 1281-1290. [PDF]
5/31 In class working time.
Jed out of town.
Week 10
6/3 Prototype Demos Group Presentations:

  • Cool Ranch Tacos
  • Sparky
  • Lil’ Stress
  • Magic School Bus
  • Due: P3
DISCUSSION: Prototype Demos Group Presentations:

  • Confetti Cannon
  • Serious
  • Mobilers
  • Digital Spectrum
6/5 Prototype Demos Group Presentations:

  • CatDog
  • East Side Story
  • MacroFirm
6/7 Class Summary & Evaluations
  • Due: P3 Q&A
Finals Week
6/12 Final Project Design Expo!
The final expo will be located in DBH 5011. 
The room will be available starting at 3:00 for those who would like to setup in advance. 
  • Due: P4 (Expo Pitch)
6/14 Final Project Spec Due @ Noon
Sketching Reflection Due @ Noon
  • Due: P4 (Spec)
  • Due: SF